Thursday, May 10, 2007


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Tom, I sent this to your e-mail address but they said it wasn't working so I sent it to an old one, which I'm not sure you use. Anyway, I'm sending this here to make sure you get it.

I was thinking about you.

Hope you're doing okay.

I finished a book of poetry and am working on another. A very prestigious New York editor read my latest work and said it had vitality and emotion and that I should keep on working. I'm going to send him another section in June. I'll keep my fingers crossed.

Also, I got a job singing on Monday night at Bacheeso's, in Berkeley. It's a restaurant that has a buffet supper. I have to stay in the background--not my natural venue--but we'll see what happens. I want to keep this job and I'm going to do anything I can to make it work.

I saw your blur, the swirl in your blog. I'm always amazed at your work, and I mean that. Actually I would love to have another of your digital flower images for my living room, a great big one.

I know how difficult it is being an artist, the inner conflict and growth, the anxiety, and I'm glad that you're persevering. Don't give up. I haven't and some days I drag myself around in a hopeless fog. Everything seems out of reach, impossible to attain, and I feel exhausted, totally out of sorts. I think being an artist leaves you open and closed, open to every shift that occurs, but closed off from other people. I get bored pretty easily, especially when someone's not on my level artistically or intellectually. I want to be challenged, to be excited, to feel alive, to be present, not off in some fucking dream world or worse, enmeshed in the pettiness of daily life So I'm alone a lot, which is okay.



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